Does everyone get a happy ending?

Call me skeptical, but I have been wondering recently about happy endings. I wrote my dissertation on fairytales, I know a lot about the perfect ending and how every ‘good’ character seems to get one. Granted that this is not the case in all fiction, need I remind you of the book you love where your favourite character gets killed off in some tragic circumstance. However there is one thing we must remember about fiction – it is just that.

In the 21st Century where a woman can go out and get her happiness… how many of us actually do? I have had many points in my life where I thought I was at my happiest and everything was perfect, only to see it all come tumbling down. There are times when I think it couldn’t get any worse, before I have to remind myself that yes, in fact it could. So to the extreme, what I’m asking, is does everything get their happy ending or do some of us die not knowing it? Grim I know and a little dramatic, but there are always times when we see others around us being truly happy and we ourselves are at rock bottom. How do we know we will pull through it?

Recently I went through the worst time of my life, everything was shit and I couldn’t seem to resurrect my happiness. Now, everything is different, but it is not shit. Not to say it’s how I want my life to be going, but it’s how it has to go, so I am trying to find my happiness. As of right now, I am alone, I have no special someone, I live in a busy household, I am in a new area where I know no one. I have a select group of friends who I do see, but not as often as I would like. Sometimes it gets me down to think that my life has become so apparently lonely, when I think of me two years ago, I was surrounded by friends and a partner – but I was in a different situation. So I have options now, I can become sad and pull on my loneliness for negative emotion. Or I can find my own happiness and make myself smile.

Which draws on the question of do we need others to make us happy? When I think back to my happiest points, they all involve people. Does this mean I need people to make me happy? To be honest, it helps, a lot. You bounce your emotions off of others and it is ten times better to have someone to share in your happiness with, or even in your sadness if you need to. I think to live a positive life you need things to look forward to, otherwise there is no moving forward and you just stay stationary. When I thought I had a certain future that I had been so desperate for, I got very excited and happy and everything I did was with the purpose of that future in mind. However since that has changed I have struggled to move on and adjust to a different future, because to me that one is still unclear. So did having someone offer me a sense of direction make me happier?

Who can really say if they will get their happy ending? Do they actually exist, or do the people with think have achieved them actually live each day in misery? I don’t know the answers to any of these things of course, but it was playing on my mind and I hadn’t written in a while. Let me know if you think there truly is a happy ending, because I want to see mine on the horizon soon…



3 thoughts on “Does everyone get a happy ending?

  1. Just as with our fictional characters that we love so much, the happy times wouldn’t feel so well, happy, if our other days were just as great. You need the low times to balance out your life and also give you something to strive for? Not that you want to always be searching for happiness because we’d all probably be forever disappointed, but look for the small things that make your day bright. Hat first cup of coffee in the morning, planting a flower box filled with flowers and watching them grow, a sunset over the water. All of these things make me happy. Yes, it’s more fun when someone is by your side while doing These things, but not every day with the person you love is Sunshine and roses either. Life is, well, life. Hang in there! I challenge you to find one thing that makes you have a happy moment today and then stop and take in that moment. Enjoy it. Take care!

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  2. A happy ending first of all has the word ‘ending’ in it. And we might have many happy ‘times’, but not really endings – because life goes on. There have been many times I could have called a happy ending in my life – perfect times for the camera to turn off and it be the end a movie. But the thing is, life went on, and the happy turned into sad. So life rolls on, and I think that’s the only reason we don’t have ‘happy endings’. Your life had to end for it to be an ending 🙂


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